I REALLY like Martins Cages. You can buy them at martinscages.com. I suggest buying either a cage made for rats or made for ferrets. The smallest cage that I would put two adult rats in would be 24 inches tall, 18 inches wide and 24 inches long. Bigger is better of course! However, if you do buy a ferret cage from martins,  make sure you buy the PVC coated, wire spacing on the PVC ones is 1 inch by 1 inch. The galvanized wire spacing on the ferret cages is 1 inch by 2 inches which is big enough for a rat to escape. Plus the PVC looks better and lasts longer. Honestly, I dislike any cages you may find in the pet stores. You can get creative and make a cage from a dog kennel or book case. Google home made rat cage and you can find some cool ones!

As far as decoration goes for cages, I usually have 1 sleeping place per rat in the cage. For example, if I had 3 rats in a cage, I would have 2 hammocks and a cardboard box, that way all the rats are able to separate themselves if they feel it is necessary. I always have a water bottle, usually 16 ounce for 2 rats, 8 ounce for one and 32 ounce for more than 4. I also keep a heavy bowl usually ceramic for food. Then a smaller bowl for treats. 

Bedding and litter and hot issues among the rat community. All rat people have a radically different view on what typed of bedding is acceptable. I use aspen bedding or carefresh when it is on sale. NEVER pine or cedar. For those of you who wish to use a litter box with their rats(females are more apt to use the box) I suggest using either yesterdays news, swheat scoop or a plain clay non-clumping, non-scented cat litter(Scamp and Cat Tails are good brands). 


Most rat people will advocate one of the three more popular rat diets, Lab Blocks, Dog Food or a Homemade Mix. I feed my rats a mix of all three. I buy Harlan Teklad blocks for my rats.There are 4 types of Harlan Teklad blocks available:
Harlan Teklad 2014 is recommended as a diet for the overweight adult or senior rat. 2014 has a low 14% protein level and allows rats to lose unhealthy weight while still maintaining a well-balanced diet. 2014 contains no animal proteins.
Harlan Teklad 2016 is recommended as a maintenance diet for the average-sized adult rat. 2016 has 16% protein. I feed all males over 6 months 2016
Harlan Teklad 2018 is recommended for young rats up to 6-7 months of age. 2018 has one of the higher protein levels at 18% protein and contains no animal proteins. I feed all rats between the ages of 3-6 months 2018, as well as all female rats over the age of 6 months. 
Harlan Teklad 8604 is recommended for pregnant or nursing females and babies up to 3-4 months of age. 8604 has 24% protein and contains soy, fish, and molasses. I feed pregnant and lactating rats 8604 as well as babies under the age of 3 months. 
My rats are given lab blocks in addition to the Homemade mix. 

I took many different things into account when I made the ever evolving recipe for my rat mix. I read many different recipes from other websites and contacted many a breeder about their personal mixes. My mix changes based on what is found in the grocery store that month, but the basics are as follows:

-1 bag tri-color pasta
-1 box whole wheat pasta
- 1 lb flaked barley

-1 lb rolled oats
- 1 lb flaked wheat
-1  box of kashi 7 whole grains cereal(puffs)
-1 box total flakes, plain
-1 bag puffed brown rice
-15 cups vegetarian dog food
-1 pack banana chips
-1 bag Dry cranberries

-1 bag split peas

This recipe makes enough to last me a month, keep in mind I have 20 some rats! You can adjust as needed. I keep mine in a air-tight container and it stays fresh.

In addition to all this, I give my rats vegetables(frozen) 3 times a week, beans twice a week and a source of animal protein once a week. And of course treats!

If you are thinking, WHOA. Then there are several alternatives that are much easier. But, I suggest that you give your rats vegetables, beans and a source of animal protein no matter what you feed them. The one commercially available diet marketed for rats that I like is Reggie Rat. I can find it in the chain pet  stores in the area or online at petfooddirect.com. You can also feed your rats a strictly lab block diet, just make sure that you are feeding the correct type for the age or sex of your rat. Many rat owners feed their rats dog food. I suggest Natural Balance Vegetarian dog food, Precise Senior dog food or Blue Buffalo Senior dog food.