Expected Litters!

Nala(Red-eyed Siamese, Rex) and Milo(Black)
Goals: I am hoping that Milo's  body type will be passed down to the pups as well as the sweet personalities of both of the parents. There is possibility of Dumbo ears and Rex coat
Predicted colors:
-Russian Blue
-American Blue
Due September 20th

Poppy(Russian Blue Variegated) and Sullivan(Blue-Biege Dumbo)
 Goals: This pairing is to hopefully give us a kick start to our variegated line. Through this pairing I am hoping to produce Russian Blues, American Blues, Beige and Blue-Beige. Variegateds, Berkshires and Selfs with/without Dumbo also possible. 
Due: September 20th

Liza( Seal Point Siamese) and Walker(Russian Blue Point Siamese)
Goals: With this brother-sister pairing I hope to create, stocky, sweet Siamese rats to use in our Siamese line. There is a strong possibility of rex. I expect Seal Point and Russian Blue Point Siamese.

Due: October 20th

Current Litters!